A new set of tires can be costly but is obviously important if you want to maintain your vehicle's safety and performance. Since you are shelling out a significant chunk of cash to purchase a new set, you probably want them to last and stay in excellent shape for many miles. Driving properly and maintaining your vehicle and tires will help, but there are some things that you can do the day you buy your tires that can help them last for much longer.

1. Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Your New Tires

Before having your tires put on, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready. If you have noticed that your car automatically pulls to the left or right when you are driving, for example, there is a strong chance that your car needs to be aligned. Failing to take care of things like this before having your new tires put on can be a bad thing because your tires will immediately start wearing out unevenly.

2. Invest in a Protection Plan

When purchasing new tires, it can be easy for your eyes to start glazing over when the seller is talking about protection plans and other things that are going to cost you extra money. However, purchasing a protection plan for your new tires can be smart. Many of these plans even include things that are your fault, such as if running over something and causing a flat tire. Even though these plans do come with some initial cost, they are generally worth it because you don't necessarily have to worry about buying brand new tires once again just because something happens to your existing set.

3. Check Tire Pressure

Although a good tire shop should do this automatically, it does not hurt to ask that the tire pressure be checked or to do it yourself once they have been installed. Even brand new tires can begin to lose air, so the tires might not all have the same amount of air in them. This can cause your brand new tires to start wearing out unevenly.

Purchasing new tires for your vehicle isn't a small investment, nor does it come with a small cost. To protect this investment so that you can use your new tires safely for a long time, take a few extra steps on the day that you make your tire purchase. For more tips, contact a company like XL Auto Service & Tires.