Beach RV trips are popular in the summertime. The beach is a unique destination that offers its own particular recreational opportunities. As such, preparing for an RV trip to the beach should involve some special considerations. 

Making the following mistakes could really detract from the appeal of a beach RV trip, so avoid them during the planning phase to ensure that you have a great time!

Booking during the busy season

Beach destinations, inevitably, are packed in the summer months. A crowded RV resort means that it can be expensive to get even an unattractive site. 

If you're going to be RVing to the beach, you might not consider it to be worthwhile if you can't get an oceanfront spot. Take some time to plan things in advance, and avoid the busy season if you want some peace and quiet. 

Traveling during the off season is also important when it comes to monetary considerations. You can be sure that rates will be lower in the off-season.

Planning for only hot weather

If you'll be camping out in a beach area during your trip, it's important to remember that evenings and nights get very cold. While it might be scorching hot during the daytime, temperatures can plummet surprisingly low after the sun goes down.

To properly prepare for RVing at the beach, you should have no shortage of sweaters, long pants, and cool weather gear. It can even get very cold in your RV at night, so don't assume that you can escape the cold simply by staying inside. 

Not having an outside shower

Being able to keep your RV clean easily is important to fully enjoying a camping trip. Of course, it's not easy to keep any indoor areas clean at a beach destination because there's sand everywhere that tends to invade every nook and cranny.

You can minimize sand on your RV floors- and maximize comfort- by having a shower or hose available just outside your RV that allows people to wash away the sand before entering. 

Not packing equipment for staying in the shade

In addition to sand, beach destinations also have bright sunlight in abundance. Simply having beach umbrellas for when you're lounging out on the sand will probably not be enough to stay comfortable during your RV trip.

You'll also want to have a portable awning or shades over your windows. This will help keep the sun out of the inside of your RV and prevent temperatures from rising extraordinarily high inside while your RV is parked on the campground. 

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