Oh no! The summer heat has come and your car is not the same. Do you do a lot of driving and get in a panic state when you see a traffic jam? It may mean that you are watching the temperature gauge and hoping that the engine stays cool. When the heat causes your to be overwhelmed and not cool, this is called viscosity breakdown; it can be reduced with some car improvements that will keep you calm when you encounter a traffic jam. Here are some car improvements to consider to avoid summer time viscosity breakdowns:

1. Add An Auxiliary Fan To Avoid Problems While Sitting In Evening Traffic

Many cars have an auxiliary radiator fan that comes on automatically in traffic. This is to help compensate for when you are idling and not enough air is getting to the radiator to cool the engine. This may not always be enough in extreme heat and if you do long commutes. An addition auxiliary fan can help give you the extra protection you need when you are in a traffic jam. It can be one that comes on automatically when you idle, or you can have a switch installed in your dash to turn it on manually when you need it.

2. Upgrade Your Radiator For Improved Cooling And Performance In Summer Heat

The stock radiator in your car may not be designed for extreme weather conditions. Sometimes, it may only provide cooling for average driving. You can have the radiator upgraded for one the is large and provides more cooling to the engine, which can help prevent overheating when in traffic or doing a lot of driving. It will also help improve performance in summer heat by keeping the engine at a cooler temperature.

3. Change The Fluids For Ones That Give Protection From Viscosity Breakdown

The fluids of your car such as the oil and coolant can affect the performance and potential viscosity problems. When you have your oil changed, talk with the repair service about using an oil that provides extra protection from viscosity breakdown. In addition, consider using a coolant that is designed for higher temperatures and can also help keep your engine cool during the summer heat.

Viscosity breakdowns are not limited to older cars, which is why these improvements may be good for any age car. If you do a lot of driving for your commute to work, contact auto repair shops and talk with them about some of these improvements to avoid overheating and viscosity breakdowns this summer.