If you spend time at an RV park, it might seem like you simply don't have room for guests. The truth is, there are numerous ways to prepare for overnight guests that will make it comfortable for them and convenient for you, too. Consider socializing more and hosting friends or family in your RV with these simple suggestions:

Look into adjacent lots. Maybe there is a lot near yours that would accommodate a tent or camper. This would provide needed privacy and space for visiting when your guests arrive. Talk with the management of the site to determine how much this would be and whether or not it is feasible.

Set up a screen-room. If you have enough space, set up a screen-room for your guests. Many of these tents offer pull-down shades the will give them privacy when they sleep or relax. Or, use the screen room for dining and storage so that you can create beds in the RV for your visitors.

Invest in an inflatable sofa. There are some fantastic inflatable furnishings on the market, and some of the newer styles in sofas would make an excellent bed for a guest or two during their visit. The best part of these new models is that they are so easy to inflate and deflate, virtually in seconds, which makes them an excellent item to have on hand for unexpected visits from friends.

Talk with neighbors. Let your neighbors at the RV park know that you have friends coming. This can go a long way toward increasing others' tolerance regarding things like noise, parking, or strangers walking near their site. Give the site's supervisor a head's-up to so that they are aware of who is staying on their property, especially if you are planning on an extended visit.

Rent a car. When friends come, you might want to take them out and about during their stay. Instead of packing everyone up and in your RV, consider the costs of renting a vehicle. This will make it much easier to chauffeur your guests around, plus, it eliminates the work and time of packing and unpacking up your RV each time you choose to leave the site.

Naturally, friends will want to visit you during your time at an RV park or campground. Try these tips to ensure that both you and your guests have ample space, privacy, and comfort during their stay. Talk with management regarding options that may include renting out an additional site or vacation space. If you're ready to venture out on your trip, reach out to a local dealer for a new RV for sale to get you off on the right foot.