If you have an older model car, you can be sure that there are some degraded parts that need to be replaced. Sometimes, these pieces can affect the suspension of your car and how it handles. It can be things such as rubber bushings and seals that become dry and hard or even completely fall off. You may not even notice the problem, but a sign of these problems are vibrations when you go down the road. If you want to improve your car's suspension and handling, here are some fixes to common problems:

1. Replacing Rubber Bushings That Have Dried Out

There are many boots and other parts that can wear out on your car, as well as bushings. Things like tie-rods and springs have these rubber parts on them. When they dry out, they can become stiff, which can make your car's suspension stiffer. This can eventually lead to the metal parts braking them, and this leads to handling becoming shaky. If your car has damaged or missing rubber bushings, you will want to replace them to make your car handle smoother.

2. Stabilizer Bars And Alignment Parts That Bend Or Wear

Another suspension component that can cause shaking is the stabilizer bars. These are metal rods that help tie wheel components together and make the ride smoother. On some cars, there may only be stock suspension system. Check these parts for signs of damage and replace them as needed. In addition, there are also aftermarket stabilizer bars that you can add to your car to improve the stock suspension.

3. Protective Rubber Boots That Eventually Wear And Need Replacing

There are also protective rubber boots on many components of your suspension. These boots help to protect moving parts from dirt and road debris, as well as keep grease protected. Occasionally, it is a good idea to check the rubber boots for problems. There are also extra rubber boots that you can add to parts to protect them from wear. This can be a good idea if you live in an area with a lot of dust, such as on a dirt road, or if you have to drive in these types of conditions for your commute.

These are some tips that can help give your car a smooth ride again. For more information about maintaining your car or improving its performance, contact an auto repair company in your area.