Few things pose as big a threat to the crack in your car's windshield as cold weather. If your windshield suffers damage in the late fall or winter months, you need to be a little bit more attentive to how you handle it. Here are a few things that you should understand about how the cold can affect the windshield replacement process.

Cold Can Cause Cracks To Worsen

When exposed to cold temperatures, glass contracts. This will often cause cracks to spread, resulting in those spider cracks and similar issues. In addition, if you try to repair a crack in the windshield while the windshield is cold, the temperature difference between the glass and the warm resin may actually worsen damage due to the thermal response.

Cold Can Prevent Adhesion

The adhesive used for windshield installation is stronger than the adhesive you'd use for most household products. Unfortunately, cold weather makes that adhesive brittle, stripping it of its adhesive properties. That's why all windshield replacements should be done indoors during the winter, and only after the car has warmed up to room temperature.

Snow And Humidity Can Prevent Bonding

The adhesive used in the windshield repair process must be able to bond the metal windshield frame to the glass. When you have any moisture in the area, that moisture will actually interfere with the natural bonding ability of the adhesive. Since snow, ice melt and other winter hazards can introduce moisture, this is an important consideration.

Proper Replacement Takes Time

When you're having your windshield replaced in the winter, it's important that you allow plenty of time. Not only does the car have to come to room temperature before the work can be done, you'll have to leave it indoors for a couple of hours after installation to allow that adhesive to cure. That ensures a solid bond between the glass and the windshield frame so that you can trust the integrity of the glass.

If you drive the car before that adhesive has cured, the pressure of the air against the glass can actually cause it to shift. This may result in leaks around the windshield or may even cause the adhesive to crack in the cold weather. If the adhesive cracks, the windshield won't be secure.

Your car's windshield is a vital part of your safety on the road. Don't underestimate the importance of proper repairs, especially in the winter months. With this information, you'll be better prepared to ensure proper replacement and long-term safety.