Issues with your car's transmission can pose a significant problem because they can render the car inoperable. Unfortunately, it is a fairly common issue for drivers to be uninformed about this type of problem. After you learn the answers to the following couple of transmission questions, you will find that you are a better-informed motorist when it comes to this essential feature of the car.

What Happens When You Have The Transmission Serviced?

One of the more important types of maintenance that the transmission will require is a routine servicing. During this servicing, a technician will thoroughly examine and test the transmission for routine issues. Over the course of driving the car, the transmission will be subjected to rather intense conditions, and this can wear on the seals and moving parts of the transmission. By having it serviced on a regular basis, you can ensure that these issues are discovered and repaired before they can cause problems for the vehicle. If the technician discovers potentially serious or expensive repairs are needed, you will be provided with a detailed quote so that you can understand the problem and costs involved with repairing it.

How Can You Tell If Your Transmission Is Suffering From A Leak?

A leaking transmission can be among the more common issues that you might encounter. Unfortunately, if you are unaware of the warning signs of this problem, you may inadvertently operate the vehicle without transmission fluid, which can cause catastrophic damages.

Typically, transmission fluid is scented to make it easier to detect, and this smell will often be rather sweet. When a leak is present, it can be easy for this smell to get pulled into the air conditioning system, which can allow it to fill the interior cabin. In addition to this odor, you may notice small pools of red or pink fluid under your car. When a leak is present, it is possible for a mechanic to rapidly locate it by pressurizing the transmission system. Once pressurized, the fluid will start to seep out of the leak, and this will allow it to be located.

Issues with your vehicle's transmission can pose a significant risk to your vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be common for people to be poorly informed about the types of problems this part of the vehicle may experience. Understanding the importance of having the transmission serviced on a regular basis, and the warning signs of a transmission leak will help you to minimize the risk of this part of the car experiencing major problems. Contact a local auto repair shop for more info.