If your car starts behaving oddly, you may be wondering what could be wrong with it. Your vehicle's strange behavior could be trying to tell you it is time for an oil change. Look for one or both of the following signs that your motor's oil may need changing.

Engine Starts Grinding When You Speed Up

Whenever you speed up, your car's engine goes into overdrive to get you to the speed you desire. When this happens, the pistons and gears start moving at an accelerated rate, rubbing against each other during the process. Normally, the engine's oil keeps all the pieces moving smoothly by coating them and protecting them from friction and metal wear.

However, when the oil gets too thick and dirty or the level gets low, this lubricant is no longer able to flow freely and do its job efficiently. As a result, the metal pieces start touching, causing a grinding noise. If the oil goes unchanged, this could eventually wear out your engine, causing it to break down. And if too much heat is produced, the motor could blow up.

Car Shakes At Low Speeds

Another sign that often accompanies the indication that your car's oil needs changing is a shaking you may feel at lower speeds. After the gears inside the engine become dry, and as they continue to work without lubricant, their teeth become jagged and brittle. They start to either rub together or become misaligned, causing the shaking you notice while going slow.

Because you are going slower and are not feeling as much vibration from the road, you notice the shaking more at low speeds. However, if you start noticing this sign while you are driving faster, this could be a sign that the teeth have become extremely worn down and obvious even at higher speeds.

This is a sign that you need to have your oil changed as soon as possible. You may also want to have your mechanic look at your engine, especially if you notice the shaking every time you are driving, to make sure none of the gears need replacing.

If you notice either of these two behaviors from your vehicle, it is likely time for an oil change. If you don't feel comfortable changing the oil yourself, or don't have the time, you may want to call to schedule an appointment with M & R Automobile Repair & Service or another car oil change service to have it done for you.