If you prefer a vehicle that has a manual transmission, then there is likely going to be additional care that you'll need to provide for your vehicle since your transmission won't shift automatically, but when you decide it is time. Because you aren't perfect, there's a chance that your gears and clutch can receive a good deal of wear if you are not shifting properly. So, to understand when and why your transmission needs to be serviced, check for the following:

Delayed Response From Your Vehicle After Shifting:

If your RPM levels take a second to respond to you shifting into a higher gear, then there is likely an issue with your transmission fluid. If your transmission fluid is old and corroded, then it could fail to lubricate your transmission parts and this can cause there to be a delayed reaction when shifting to a different gear. Not only can poor transmission fluid impact the performance of your transmission, but it can also overheat your transmission, which could cause some serious problems down the road.

A Clunk Noise When Shifting:

Do you hear a clunk-like noise when shifting into different gears? If you do, there's a chance that one of your gears is cracked. This could pose a serious threat to your entire transmission as if this gear completely breaks then your transmission could become non-operational. So, if you hear noises each time you shift into a gear, then consider having a mechanic replace the specific gear that is cracked so you could avoid further complications.

Poor Response From Your Clutch:

If you are noticing that you have to press down deeper on your clutch than usual then it could be that your clutch has worn down to a low level and needs to be replaced. Failing to replace your clutch when it is needed can cause you to burn your clutch and this could do some serious damage to your entire transmission component, which could end up being very costly. So, be sure to keep an eye on your clutch pedal and see how far you have to press it until you are able to shift gears.

Knowing these three signs can be very informative of what is going on with your transmission and can even allow you to seek repairs before issues become worse and more expensive. So, if you aren't sure why your car isn't driving properly and want to be sure you avoid major transmission complications, keep these three tips in mind.

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