A lot of people hear emissions test and they cringe at the thought of having to have their vehicle tested. The process can be a little complicated and you may have an issue you don't even know exists in your car that emissions test can reveal. The test is designed to minimize the damage to the environment around us and in states with heavy smog in the morning, you will benefit the most.

What is Tested?

When you have an emissions test done on your car, there are several things they are looking for. One is the carbon monoxide coming from your exhaust system. The measurement tells the technician f there is a problem with the engine that needs to be addressed in the engine or exhaust system. The test is not designed to trip you up but if you have installed a lot of power adding modifications and parts, you might be in trouble. Many times those add-ons will bypass or alter the emissions coming out of the car's tailpipe. 

Visual Inspections

Another part of the emissions testing process is the visual inspection. The technician will take a look at the car to see what has been done under the hood so if you are violating laws pertaining to clean air, you might find yourself having to take some mods off and replacing the stock parts on the car. If you saved all the stock parts you took off, you will be ahead of the game as you can pull those parts out and put them back on your car.

Why Is Emissions Important to Me?

There are many states where the air has gotten so bad that at certain times of the year, the air is nearly unbreathable. The smog or exhaust trapped in the air can be seen as a haze over the city and the air feels heavy when breathing it in. It is in an effort to correct that problem that emissions standards became important. The standards are different from place to place but are designed to change with the air quality.

Older Cars and Emissions

Older cars that did not have emission equipment are not required to pass at the same level as a brand new performance but there is still a standard set for them. You can visit your local Department of motor vehicles or at a testing station. If you are not sure what will be checked, you could also talk with the tech that does these inspections about what he needs to see on your classic car. If the car is old enough, it may be exempt from emissions