Every vehicle new and old should be stocked with a spare because even if a tire is new, there's always a chance of getting a flat. But don't settle for storing a compact "donut" spare in your car or truck if you can help it. There are plenty of good reasons to invest in a full-size spare – here are just three of them:

Go Long and Far

A compact spare tire may free up some space in the trunk, but they can't be driven on as fast as a full-size tire they are not designed to be driven far. They'll get you to the tire shop, but that's about it. With a full-size tire on hand, you can simply change your flat and get back on about your business without having to worry about a blowout or getting into an accident.

You can continue on your road trip safely and conveniently, or get to and from work for a couple of weeks until you can afford to get another tire. The bottom line is that you can save yourself the time and stress of having to get to a repair shop right away for a repair or replacement. Take your time, go long and far, and get that flat tire fixed on your own time.

Avoid Performance Loss

By replacing your flat tire with a full-size spare, you'll avoid any performance issues that are common with "donut" spares such as:

  • Wobbling or shaking when driving at higher speeds

  • Reduced acceleration and braking response

  • Poor cornering performance

Vehicles tend to dip toward compact spare tires, making it feel more like you're driving in a boat than in a car or truck. After replacing a flat tire with a full-size spare, it's back to business as usual. There's no worrying about whether you will make it to your destination.

Extend the Life of Your Tires

Storing a full-size spare tire in your vehicle will allow you to more regularly rotate all the tires, which will help extend their life and reduce the chance that you'll get a flat in the first place. Rotating your tires ensures that they all maintain an even amount of tread, which can actually improve your gas mileage and even extend the life of your suspension system. With five tires to rotate, you'll likely save a lot of miles on each one when all is said and done.  

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