Imagine what it takes to stop a vehicle that is moving at a high rate of speed. Now think about how much friction there is when a brake pad is applied to a rotating piece of metal during this action. The fact is, without brake fluid, there would be a good chance that your brakes would get so hot that they would cause damage every time you stopped your vehicle. However, most automobile owners pay no mind to just how important brake fluid really is. If your vehicle is leaking brake fluid, it is an issue that needs to be fixed by a brake repair service immediately. Here are a few signs your vehicle is losing brake fluid. 

There are changes in the pressure of your brake pedal. 

You are rolling down the road, hit your brakes, and they go almost completely to the floor without providing you with the usual resistance you are used to feeling. This is one of the most commonly noticed signs of brake problems, but a lot of drivers have no idea that this is a sign that the brake fluid reservoir is empty or low. When there is not a proper level of brake fluid in the lines, it makes it impossible for the brakes to retain the same amount of pressure. 

There are wet spots around the tires on your vehicle. 

When brake fluid leaks out, it will usually spill from the brake lines that lead to the actual braking mechanisms around each of your tires. This means that you may spot small areas of moisture on the ground near your tires. This is especially the case if you were parked in the same spot for a while and holding pressure on your brakes or pumping the brakes repeatedly. 

There is a constant need to add more brake fluid to the reservoir under the hood. 

The reservoir that holds brake fluid is located just under the hood. It is uncommon to have to add brake fluid very often because the fluid is simply cycled through and returned to the reservoir. If you notice the reservoir is constantly under the fill line and needs to be refilled, it is a good indicator that there is a leak. Your tank may even go completely dry if it is not refilled regularly. Therefore, pay close attention to how often you have to add brake fluid and let the brake repair technician know about the issue.