Your car goes almost everywhere that you go, and unfortunately, it often shows in the way your car looks. However, your car doesn't have to fall into this category of uncleanliness. There are things you can do to keep your car cleaner longer.

Buy a Trash Bag

Trash is a tremendous source of clutter in a car. Even if the car isn't exactly dirty, if there is trash all over, it will look as such. Buy a car trash bag that you can empty and refill. Many of these options come with straps that allow you to secure the bag to the back of the seat for added convenience. 

Clean Often

The more frequently you clean your car, the better. The problem is that the less you clean your car, the more dirt builds up which makes your car dirtier and makes the cleaning process harder. If possible, you might want to consider cleaning your car at least once a week. If you don't wash the entire car, a quick vacuum is typically sufficient. 

Keep Q-Tips on Hand

Try to keep a few Q-tips inside your car at all times. Q-tips are great tools for cleaning up messes in small areas where your hand or a towel may not be able to fit. For example, if your child spills juice on the door trim, you should be able to use the Q-tip to soak up much of the moisture. Q-tips are also excellent for removing food crumbs.

Park Wisely

Where you park will also determine how clean your car remains. Try your best to park in places where your vehicle will be protected. For example, unless you want to head straight to the car wash, don't park your car under a tree that is full of birds. More than likely, the birds will leave waste droppings all over the car. 

Invest in Seat Protectors

If you have children, you might want to consider investing in seat protectors. Seat protectors fit neatly over the existing seat and are designed to catch any stains or other dirt. In the event of a mishap, you can simply remove the cover and wash it instead of worrying about permanent damage to your seat. The seat protectors are also great for placing under a car seat. 

If you pair these tips with a professional detailing service, you will have a car that looks cleaner and better for longer. Contact an auto detailing service to learn about the different cleaning options they can offer you.