If you have been shopping for used cars, you may have noticed that some of them are referred to as certified pre-owned vehicles, and that they are slightly more expensive than used cars of the same make and model. Is it worth paying more money for a certified pre-owned vehicle compared to a used car? To help you understand the difference between certified pre-owned and used and to help you make your decision, here are three major benefits of buying certified pre-owned cars and trucks.

1. Extended Manufacturer's Warranty

The primary purpose of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, like pre owned Chevrolet vehicles, is that they come with an extended manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers vary in how long the warranty is extended, but a period of one to three years is common. In addition, some used cars do not have transferable manufacturer's warranties unless the car is certified pre-owned by the manufacturer. If you buy a used car without a warranty, you could potentially be on the hook for very expensive repair costs shortly after you purchase the vehicle. When you're covered by the warranty on a certified pre-owned vehicle, there's less of chance that you'll need to spend money repairing your vehicle right away.

2. Lower Interest Rate On Financing

If you're financing your car through a factory dealership, you should know that you can often get lower interest rates when you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle. It's common for manufacturers to run financing specials that only apply to new cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. Even though the sticker price on a certified pre-owned vehicle is higher, you may be able to save money throughout the entire term of your loan thanks to the low interest rate.

3. Fully Inspected By The Dealership And Found To Qualify For Certification

The process of becoming a certified pre-owned vehicle, instead of simply a used car, involves a detailed inspection of all the car's components. The dealership is guaranteeing that the car has passed all of the requirements necessary for the manufacturer to certify the car. Since the car has passed a rigorous inspection, it gives you greater peace of mind about the reliability of the vehicle. When you buy a used car from a dealership that's not certified pre-owned, you won't know anything about the condition of the car unless you have it fully inspected by your own mechanic before you purchase it.

Overall, the decision to purchase a certified pre-owned car vs a used car comes down to how comfortable you are taking risks. You'll pay more money for a certified pre-owned vehicle, but you'll also have an extended warranty that protects you financially if your car experiences mechanical problems. You'll also have the guarantee of knowing the car was fully inspected by the dealership and qualified to be called a certified pre-owned vehicle, which takes some of the risk out of purchasing a used vehicle. If you're interested in certified pre-owned vehicles, you'll need to find a factory dealership for the type of car you're interested in. To help you make your decision between purchasing a used vehicle or purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle, call them and ask them about how long the warranty is extended for the vehicle and what is covered during the inspection.